Data Prep for the Visually Inclined

Kerry Calhoun
by Kerry Calhoun 16 Jan, 2023

Google introduced several new tools last week that will provide users with greater power and flexibility in regards to data preparation and integration.

The Google Cloud Dataprep solution, for example, makes the data preparation process more visual. The tool includes anomaly detection and employs machine learning to suggest data transformations that can improve the quality of data. Here's a video from Google about the product: 

BigQuery itself also got attention from Google, with a new BigQuery Data Transfer Service. The idea behind the release is to simplify the process of merging data from multiple sources. These capabilities increase with support for commercial data sets from Xignite, HouseCanary, Remind, AccuWeather and Dow Jones.

When connected to visualization services like Tableau, users can seamlessly prepare and display analytics. BigQuery will now support Cloud Bigtable for larger projects so users don't have to waste time copying data from one system to the next.

Google is also moving its workflow tool, Cloud Datalab, to general availability.