Differentiate Your App with a Mobile Loyalty Program

Looking for a way to differentiate your mobile application and keep your existing users engaged? 

Lootsie, an engagement and retention technology for mobile applications, this week released a white-label version that will enable developers to offer their own branded loyalty programs inside their apps as part of their existing engagement, retention and monetization strategies. Loyalty programs can help app developers create better and lucrative relationships with end-users, but as many can attest, they can be cumbersome to create.

"App developers and brands are always having to answer 'what's next' and in the coming years almost every app will have some type of loyalty/reward system. It will be a core component to every publisher and brand's engagement, retention and revenue strategy," said Marc Mitchell, Lootsie's co-founder and CEO. "Whether it's a consumer app, fitness app, or a paper-toss game, every developer should start thinking about their app as an extension of their brand and loyalty as a crucial part of the user experience."

One of the first Lootsie Partners is Bonaza Media. The company will be using the system on its free-to-play Tribal Idol and PikPok's Four Letters.

"At Bonanza Media, we're always looking for ways to innovate and improve our user experience. As developers, we spend a lot of resources creating engaging games and acquiring new customers," said Chris Hewish, CEO of Bonanza Media. "Lootsie is a strong part of our overall strategy with Tribal Idol and the rest of our portfolio. We strongly believe in the ongoing opportunity that loyalty and in-app rewards programs bring in terms of revenue and retention."