Salaries of the Top Digital Marketers

You'll need to climb to the top of the professional ladder to secure a top salary if you're a digital marketer.

According to a new report from Mondo, Chief Digital Officers topped the list of highest paid digital marketing professionals ($148,000-280,000) with other top-paying positions including Chief Marketing Technologist ($140,000-241,000) and Chief Marketing Officer ($142,000-230,000).

"The demand for digital marketing professionals is surging, and will rise 38% this year, with particularly strong demand for UI/UX experts, marketing automation professionals and mobile app developers," said Laura McGarrity, Vice President of Marketing for Mondo. "With 53 new technologies released between 2013 and 2014, and that number expected to double in 2015, it is more important than ever for marketing executives to make the right hire."

The salary data is based on Mondo placements for digital marketing professionals over the past year, in New York City, San Francisco, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Denver, Boston, Chicago, Dallas and Ft. Lauderdale.