Do You Know How Big the Internet Really Is? [Infographic]

The Internet has become an essential part of a business professional's life.


Whether they access it from their desktop, tablet, smartphone or even smartwatch, the Internet never seems to be out of reach. But do you know how big the Internet really is?


As of 2014 Google has indexed 200 Terabytes (TB) of data. To put that into perspective 1 TB is equivalent to 1024 Gigabytes (GB). However, Google's 200 TB is just an estimated 0.004 percent of the total Internet. Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that 16 years of video is uploaded to YouTube every day.


Without fail the Internet continues to expand every day. As more and more people are given the opportunity to access the Internet it will only continue to grow, creating virtually limitless possibilities for individuals and businesses. (Editor's note: to zoom in, click on the infographic.)