Double the Revenue, Double the Fun for Optimove

When a company catches lightning in a bottle, the industry tends to pay attention.

Optimove, for example, recently announced some rather remarkable highlights, including that from 2014 to 2015, it doubled its revenue; that its client roster increased 71 percent to 180 clients; and that its retention automation platform has delivered more than 2.6 million marketing messages to over 56 million unique customers on behalf of leading brands like Outbrain (content recommendation), Zynga (social video game services) and others.

Website Magazine caught up with Optimove CEO and Founder, Pini Yakuel, who explains just what his company offers, why it's been successful and changes to the industry it operates in.

How do you describe your services to someone unfamiliar with your offerings?

Marketers and CRM experts use Optimove to plan, manage, automate, analyze and optimize their entire multi-channel customer marketing plan.

Optimove combines the science of data with the art of marketing to give new-age marketers the tools to deliver personalized, real-time, cross-channel customer marketing campaigns. Optimove is a Customer Marketing Cloud powered by a combination of advanced customer modeling, predictive micro-segmentation and campaign automation, creating a unique suite of innovative technologies, empowering marketers to maximize their customer value.

What are some of the biggest factors you contribute to the company's growth?

We help companies turn an existing asset - their own customer base - into a new growth engine. Optimove empowers marketers with the emotional intelligence required to communicate with their customers most effectively at all times, through all channels, at scale. By understanding and engaging their customers, companies foster personal relationships that maximize customer engagement, loyalty, and lifetime value.

What are some of the immediate plans for growth in the U.S. market?

We're following the American market closely, and even though it's the cradle of innovation and early adoption, there are still meandering technological gaps that are begging for holistic solutions. The emergence of the connected and savvy customer requires companies to practice effective, robust and scalable customer marketing. Research shows that customers are still not getting anywhere near the personalized communications they're expecting. This is where our American operation is at right now: scaling considerably to supply the demand for cutting edge customer marketing for the U.S. market.

Anything else you'd like to add?

In this era of endless opportunities, brand loyalty is becoming ever more elusive. Emotionally intelligent brand interactions that capture the hearts of customers are a requirement for every customer-centric business. With the rising price tag on customer acquisition, data-driven retention powered by predictive analytics and aimed at continuously personalized customer segments is something businesses simply can't avoid. Optimove gives marketers the scientific tools and ease of use to do just that.