Driving Review Volume Post-Service

Reviews have become vital to the digital experience for businesses; not only do they influence the customer experience and the buyer journey in myriad ways, they also carry some weight when it comes to how a digital presence is ranked on the search engines.

The problem for most companies however is that it can be difficult to acquire reviews - but it appears to be getting easier.  

Online reputation management (ORM) platform Reputation.com, for example, has launched a new mobile app that will allow a company's employees to invite customers to share their experience on review sites by sending them a personalized/custom text message ( from their own mobile phone or from a company-owned tablet) following service, a transaction or a visit. 

The new Reputation Live offering also 'gamifies' the process of requesting these reviews with a leaderboard report that will bring some much needed transparency to promote good quality customer service and create incentives to earn positive reviews. 

"Traditional email-based review requesting is not sufficient due to lower response rates. SMS-based requesting brings a complementary channel to ask for feedback as soon as possible, through a simpler and more conversational mechanism that customers use every day," said Pascal Bensoussan, Chief Product Officer at Reputation.com.

"With the rise of mobile apps for the enterprise, it made sense to empower frontline employees with an easy-to-use and more rewarding way to invite customers to share their experience. Reputation Live makes it easier for businesses to generate representative reviews on a variety of review sites, or to collect direct feedback, like NPS surveys, at the right time and more seamlessly. Moreover, Reputation Live gives more control back to organizations, enabling them to generate more representative online reviews. This is critical to improving search rankings."