Drop The Turkey, Get Back to Work

Xobni has released the results of its 2nd annual survey of holiday email behavior and it's pretty dismal. If you're planning on not checking work-related email over this long weekend, then you'll be in the minority.

Hightlights from the study include:

- 79% of U.S. working adults say they receive work email on traditional holidays
- 19% of people said that they are actually "thankful for the distraction" or "relieved" to receive work email on holidays.
- 37% of people surveyed admitted to feeling annoyed, frustrated or resentful after receiving work-related emails on holidays.
- 41% of people that admitted to checking email because they believe doing so would ease the work load once they return from the "break."

 So who are the worst offenders? According to the Xobni survey, employed, middle-aged adults. 58 percent of those age 35-44 admit to checking work email around the holidays.