Duda Offers DIY Personalization, Partner Program

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 05 Aug, 2014

Duda is looking to shake up the DIY website building industry, as the popular platform has just launched a new tool that enables users to deliver personalized experiences to their website visitors. 


The tool, dubbed inSite, enables users to preset what content is showed to site visitors based on a variety of triggers. Triggers include the time of day a visitor arrives at a site, the geographic location of the site visitor, the device from which the visitor is accessing the site, the number of times the visitor has visited the site and more.


For example, a customer visiting a nearby restaurant's website via his mobile phone during lunchtime is most likely looking for a different menu than someone visiting from a desktop on a Friday evening. With inSite, users can preset the restaurant's website to show the mobile customer a menu of lunch specials along with a coupon. Conversely, the site can be set up to show the evening customer a dinner and wine menu. According to Duda CEO and Co-Founder Itai Sadan, delivering personalized content to consumers can increase conversion rates.


"If you share the right content at the right time to the right user, you will achieve higher satisfaction and as a result of that, higher likelihood of converting the website visitor into an actual customer," said Sadan.


It is important to note that InSite requires no development work. The tool is currently available for less than $19 a month. Plus, DudaOne users can try inSite free for 30 days.


"The bigger companies have always had the budgets and resources to create elaborate personalized user experiences, creating an unfair situation for smaller businesses and web professionals," said Sadan. "Today, with inSite, we're leveling the playing field by democratizing this technology and making it possible for anyone to easily build enterprise-grade websites without the need for massive budgets or a large development team."



DudaPro - Partner Program

In addition to Duda's new website personalization tool, the company is also highlighting its Partner Program called DudaPro. The DudaPro Partner Program enables entrepreneurs, designers and agencies to create responsive websites without draining resources on development time.


For instance, DudaPro offers partners access to a set of white label tools including a full version of the Duda editor, site preview screens and more. Plus, it is important to note that all the URLs for these tools remain under the partner's domain name, and the display of each tool is customizable. Additionally, partners receive access to the Duda API as well as Duda's new inSite tool. Partners also receive wholesale pricing and Duda offers hosting free of charge for all sites built on its platform.