Editor's Letter: Know What the Data Knows

Without having some way to organize the vast amount of data that often surrounds a business presence it can be difficult for decision makers to "know what the data knows," and further, how they can use that information to their strategic advantage. Just how big is the opportunity?

A recent (2017) McKinsey Global Institute report, "Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity," indicated that big data can create as much as $700 billion in value to consumer and business end-users. Reaching that level will require a sufficient investment in not only the right technologies and infrastructure but also the right personnel. Are you up to the task?

In this month's Website Magazine feature article, learn why big data is so challenging, a way to put it in context and the considerations that must be made to ensure success with such initiatives from a technical perspective. Readers will discover how with the right vision, the right strategy and the right personnel and technology in place, they will be able to capitalize on the big potential in big data. Let this starter pack from Website Magazine, and the resources included within, serve as your starting point as you seek to find what your data wants you to know.

This issue of Website Magazine (#122) also provides guidance on a range of topics useful to all Web professionals including information on website redesigns, ecommerce software, email marketing, automation, performance optimization and more. Our premium subscribers will also have access to many other articles tackling important subjects like local SEO strategies, boosting average order value and responsive Web development.

This month also features a list of 50 "movers and shakers" who are innovating in and inspiring the Web technology industry. Enjoy this issue of Website Magazine! Visit us on the Web where our editors and industry contributors publish content daily that matters to your online success.

Best Web Wishes,
Peter Prestipino

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