Editor's Letter - October 2016

Web professionals can be easily distracted. The industry uses terms like "experience"¬ù and "engagement" far too loosely these days and it has resulted over time in a lack of attention on what's really important to the success of 'Net enterprises - the number and quality of conversions. The ability of a website to turn browsers into buyers, prospects into loyal, repeat customers, is essential for enterprise success today - without it, there is simply no chance of survival, much less the capacity to thrive in the competitive digital landscape. The good news - it is within your power as a 'Net professional to influence users in a positive way along their path to conversion.

Optimizing the digital experience for a consistent stream of conversions can be a tricky and complicated matter, of course, and the expectations will differ based on one's role within the enterprise (as well as their experience).

In this month's feature article of Website Magazine, however, we're encouraging every 'Net professional to recapture their focus on maximizing conversions and optimizing the user's journey in a way that drives greater revenue and performance for their digital properties. Website Magazine readers will discover what is at the foundation of all successful conversions, receive numerous practical tips for optimizing their digital presence for Web conversions, and discover several useful tools to help them along their way.

This issue also includes a great deal more to help companies make the most of their digital experience.

In addition to the insights shared in Website Magazine's feature article of October 2016, readers will have access to helpful articles on business intelligence tools, machine learning, email marketing and more from some of digital media's brightest minds. This issue also offers useful information and best practices on Web design, ecommerce marketing, content development and search engine optimization, as well as a list of 50 solutions for your very own conversion optimization toolbox.

As always, we hope you enjoy this issue of Website Magazine and encourage you to join us on the 'Net where our editors and industry contributors share the technologies and insights that matter most to Web success.

Best Web Wishes,
Peter@WebsiteMagazine.com Making Social Work

From creating content to fielding customer service inquiries, social media is a challenging channel to manage daily. With roughly a decade of trial and error, however, best practices have been established for engaging current and potential customers on popular networks. Even so, new channels and technologies are emerging and marketers must adapt. Join us next month as we address these developments and more to help make social work for you.