Escalating Support Issues to Zendesk with Vanilla Forums Integration

Enterprises using popular forum software Vanilla Forums will be able to escalate support issues to another employee thanks to an integration with Zendesk.

Once the Zendesk Add-on has been enabled in a Vanilla Forums account, authorized staff can create a Zendesk ticket (from the gear icon drop down in any comment or discussion). The community member's information (the individual posing the question) is then pre-populated into the ticket, and staff can include additional notes as needed. Once the ticket has been created, an information panel is displayed to community managers underneath the post.

Vanilla Forums has been on an integration run the past few months. The software provider added Salesforce back in mid-May 2014, and just released an integration with popular code repository service Github last week.

The Zendesk plugin is available now to all customers subscribed to the Corporate, Enterprise or VIP plan at Vanilla Forums.