Everybody in the Treehouse

One of the reasons video has been slow in terms of brand uptake is because it's not as interactive as other forms of media.  That is beginning to change however.

Interlude, for example, recently announced the launch of Treehouse, a self-service HTML5 Web app that lets anyone design and publish his or her own interactive videos that can only be classified as an absolute game changer. if you were one of the millions who recently saw the recent Bob Dylan video for 'Like a Rolling Stone' you have already interacted with the interactive video technology. if you have not seen it yet, it's going to blow your mind. 

"Treehouse ushers in a new era of video storytelling fully leveraging the interactivity inherent in digital platforms," said Yoni Bloch, co-founder and CEO of Interlude. "We designed Treehouse to enable individuals, brands and enterprises to fully exercise their creativity without the technological restraints that often limit the execution of an artistic vision. With this new access to our technology platform, we are excited to see how Treehouse users push the boundaries of creativity to deliver a 21st century video experience."

Two other videos that were built on the same platform now offered via Treehouse include an interactive interview with Jon Hamm when he hosted this spring's ESPYs, as well as a music video with indie band Chairlift, declared Best Music Video of 2012 by both Buzzfeed and Time Out London. For another sample of what can be done with Treehouse, check out the game-like interactive video How to Dismantle a Bomb!

"Because of Interlude's unique and flexible technology, two of our artists have won the MTV O Music Award for Most Innovative Video two years in a row," said Steve Greenberg, CEO of S-Curve Records and former president of Columbia Records. "The platform inspires an immense amount of creativity and engages viewers, encouraging them to replay videos multiple times. And everyone knows that getting audiences to play a video again and again is every creator's dream. With Treehouse making the Interlude platform more accessible, I think that we will see that online video will never be the same."

There are no limits on length of Treehouse created videos, and all videos and assets are hosted on Interlude's servers, offering users unlimited storage. Additional features include the ability to publish to the Web, Facebook, and can be viewed within Interlude's iOS player app. Video can link out to websites, and users can track video performance with a real-time metrics dashboard that includes breakdowns of user choices and decisions, as well as views, unique visitors, engagement, share and click-through rates and retention time.