Experience, Education or Connections?

Career network Beyond.com polled more than 1,600 job seekers recently to learn what is most helpful to business professionals when searching for a job. The answer might just surprise you - particuarly if you've invested a large amount in higher education. 

According to the survey, applicants are placing more value than ever before on their actual work experience than they have in the past - 45% cited their experience, 20.97% cited their education, 19.93 cited the people they know and 13.75%  cited their communication skills. 

"At one time it was all about who you knew and who in your Rolodex© you could connect with in order to secure an interview," says Rich Milgram, CEO of Beyond.com. "While networking is and will continue to be an important component of the job search, it can only get you so far in the process. Employers are looking past just 'who you know' and making sure candidates have the right qualifications and experience before hiring."