Factors Impacting Employee Morale

From automation advancements to generation gaps, the workplace is evolving. It's a good practice to understand the current landscape and see where our workdays may take us and how to guide our businesses to keep profits and morale high. 

Teem, a meeting room management solution,  released findings from its second annual "Employee Happiness" survey, identifying trends related to happiness within the workplace and demonstrating the importance of new technology in helping today's workers be more content and effective. Among the findings, Teem found that almost 50 percent (48 percent) of employees are somewhat happy or unhappy at work. There are, of course, many factors impacting workplace morale including the technology team members have access to and even where they sit. Highlights of the survey include:

  • Forty-three percent of employees appreciate their workplace technology offering, but are still forced to supplement with their own equipment
  • Forty-eight percent of those surveyed reported that they would work harder if offered tech tools that helped get their job done more quickly and efficiently

Work Station

  • Eighty-six percent of those working in an open office floor plan report issues with noise and space (49 percent), privacy (38 percent) and reliance on public office space instead of desk (14 percent)
  • Fifty-five percent of male respondents believe half to all of their work can be automated versus forty-four percent of female respondent
  • One in four employees is excited to see more augmented reality (AR) technologies enter the workplace to help with everyday tasks and trainings