File Sharing Service Gygan in Focus

Sharing big files can be a hassle, especially for those that don't have ready access to FTP. Fortunately, there are hundreds of file sharing applications on the Web that make the process a breeze. One to keep an eye on is Gygan.

All uploading to Gygan is free and users receive 4GB of downloading each month. Premium download packages are available (10GB/$5, 25GB/$10, 75GB/$25). There is no limit to file size and users can upload any file type including videos, photos, and documents. Content can be set to public or private and there is even a feed available so your colleageues can subscribe and immediately access your latest and greatest content. Gygan is offering unlimited storage and claiming that it is faster than Torrents, P2P, and IRC. Definitely worth a look. 

The downside as I see it for Gygan is that it's not a Web-based service (like so many other file sharing services0 but rather the application must be downloaded to your local machine. 

Affiliates can also get in on the Gygan party. The file sharing service provides an affiliate program through Commission Junction offering $0.75 per free user account if website traffic is less than 25,000 (not sure if that is unique visitors or pageviews) and $0.75 to $2.00 for sites with traffic of more than 25,000 (which is a Gygan-managed affiliate program). 

Do you send or receive large files with some frequency? If so, what file sharing services do you use? Comment below and let other