Find and Install Complex Components

Creating a blog? How about an ecommerce site?

ZURB, the creators of the Foundation front-end framework, has released a library of coded user interface (UI) components called Building Blocks that are designed to be dropped into any Foundation project. The release also comes with Kits that are organized by project type. The kits come with all the components a developer needs to get the campaign started quickly (like for those blogs and ecommerce sites) and will work with any standard Foundation project. 

"A Building Block Kit is a great middle ground between a framework and a full-on template, giving you a dramatic performance boost without forcing you into the straightjacket of someone else's design," said Kevin Ball, Foundation Lead.

Some key points of the release include:

- Hundreds of code snippets to drop into a Foundation project.
- Seven Kits to jumpstart a responsive ecommerce site, mobile app, marketing site, portfolio page, admin dashboard and more.
- Code patterns created by the Foundation Community.