Get Boxed: 4 Subscription Services to Emulate

Li Huan
by Li Huan 04 Mar, 2016


Good things tend to come in small packages - one of the many reasons that subscription boxes are so appealing.


Consumers simply pick their target category and get shipments (often monthly) that either enhance their every day or serve as a special treat. For brands, subscription services are becoming quite appealing for their recurring revenue. Beyond sales, brands have a chance to continuously engage an audience, earn their loyalty and reap the rewards of their subscribers' social sharing. To be successful, however, companies must get their website right as this is where voices are heard, subscriptions are managed and more. Even better, is providing users the ability to conduct these transactions on a mobile app - or even right from a person's wristwatch.


For your inspiration, here are four subscription box services to emulate:



It wouldn't be surprising if this subscription box gives off the image of cattle eating grass; however, Graze boxes contain four healthy, delicious snacks that range from dried fruit to popcorn. The Graze website allows you to love, like, try and trash so that future boxes will be suited to your preferences. Though you wouldn't be a cow eating grass, the content of the box would have you grazing.



Who doesn't want to look good? Every month Birchbox delivers high-end samples of beauty products for their subscribers to try out. They range from hair and body pampering to advertising scents like perfume. While subscribing to the box, you will have to create a profile, one which you choose which beauty products you'll get in your next shipment for maximum user satisfaction. The app extends Birchbox's functionality further with mobile tracking of shipments, ability to access additional content and more.



The Cravory

Do you have the same appetite as the cookie monster? Now you can satiate your hunger. Cravory boxes are designed to provide all the guilty pleasures in crunchables and munchables. Subscribers can select either boxes by the half dozen or dozen with flavors that include, but are not limited to: pineapple, chocolate, raspberry, pancake and bacon. These boxes are the cookie consumer's ultimate dream. Cravory may not satisfy all your cravings, but it will leave a residue of crumbs on the corners of your lips.



A dog is a man's best friend. If you're looking for a way to please your dog without too much compromise on your front, this puppy is for you. The BarkBox comes with dog-tested toys, products and all-natural treats to ensure the best experience for your furry friend. Each box is personalized so that your dog will enjoy it regardless of its size. If your dog's bark is worse than its bite, you'll change your mind after getting your little friend a BarkBox subscription.


With the BarkBox app, it's easy to re-order and review items from the Box. It also shows the history of what's in past Boxes.



Subscription boxes are specifically tailored to its subscribers' wants and needs. Like mobile apps, there will one day be a prominent array of these boxes to make life easier. For a monthly fee, they deliver a combination of product and service and leave behind a crate of satisfaction.


Li Huang is a marketer at Fueled, the leading iPhone app developer in New York City, renowned for its award-winning mobile design and strategy.