Get Fired Up About TrialFire

It's a pain in the digital neck waiting for someone else to integrate a new third-party tracking code or to test something on your website.

A new software solution, dubbed TrialFire, gives marketers, designers and webmasters more control over both. It essentially provides websites with control over what is tracked (e.g. clicks, navigation, form field completions, etc.) and to which analytics and online marketing services to send that data - and without needing to actually write any code to make it happen.

TrialFire's visual editor lets these stakeholders navigate through a website - just like a regular visitor - but on each click provides the ability to add a "tracking pin" for anything from links to buttons - without familiarity with Javascript or one of those haughty developers or data analysts. 

To use TrialFire's software to communicate directly with one of its many integration partners including Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Intercom or other services, users launch their sites in what the company calls "pin mode": Customers just click on the function they want to track. The software places a pin to indicate an action is being tracked - like a GPS with points of interest. Regular visitors are never aware of TrialFire, but whenever they perform a tracked action, an event is sent to the connected services.

"Companies use services like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, KISSMetrics,, Totango and many more to understand and grow their businesses," commented TrialFire Co-Founder Michael Lieberman. "A huge obstacle however is how difficult it is to integrate these tools into a website or application. This not only negatively impacts the value users get from these services, it also jeopardizes the success of the vendors."

Other companies are also tackling similar problems. lets developers code integrations and sends the data they collect to third-party services, but doesn't offer the code-free approach that TrialFire uses. Meanwhile Heap Analytics and Hublo are providing code-free approaches to gathering and visualizing analytics.

TrialFire provides a free version of its service, with paid plans starting at just $19/month.