Get Satisfaction with Live Chat

In what may just be the first technology-based implementation of Knowledge Base Optimization principle, live chat software provider Velaro has announced an integration with online community platform Get Satisfaction.

Through Velaro's live chat application and Get Satisfaction's community forum solution, site visitors gain access to knowledge base answers and relevant topics after completing a short pre-chat survey. If the visitor's question has not been answered already, they can opt to initiate a private chat session with a support agent.

"Any business with a community-powered support portal from Get Satisfaction can now enhance customer loyalty with this new integrated offering," says Alex Bloom, co-founder of Velaro. "By being able to efficiently deal with customer issues, businesses can now support more customers faster, while also building a strong base of customer advocates who have had a positive interaction experience."

This integrated solution is a smart way to streamline customer interactions. Perhaps even smarter, however, is that support staff can answer questions by searching their Get Satisfaction knowledge base - which is integrated within Velaro's Web-Based Agent and Desktop Agent interface products - and push responses to the visitor

"By bringing together our knowledge base and Velaro's award-winning customer live-chat software, we aim to reinvent CRM and how businesses interact with customers online," says Get Satisfaction CEO Wendy Lea. "With this new integration, we are allowing businesses to make their support staffs more efficient, while increasing overall customer satisfaction at the same time."