Getting to Why" Faster with Business Intelligence"

The trouble with most business intelligence and analytics offerings is that while they provide data on what happened, they don't provide insights into why it happened. If you're going to gain a competitive advantage however, that's exactly what is required. Fortunately, there are some technology solutions to help enterprises get there. 

Yellowfin BI, for example, recently announced version 7.4 of its solution and it could prove to revolutionary for those struggling to accelerate decision making and get to "why" faster. 

The new version of Yellowfin's product uses machine learning, human collaboration and automation to help teams understand why something happened - not just understand that it did happen. Let's take a closer look at the new features being introduced in the product's new version: 

ASSISTED DATA RECOVERY: Because data analysts spend much of their days creating reports and recreating reports to answer questions, almost all of them have a backlog of work. To clear this backlog, YellowFin will now allow them to pose their questions and have meaningful results provided instantly. With these automated results, analysts can quickly refine and interpret results.

DATA TRANSFORMATION: Data teams will now be able to do common transformation tasks (clean, blend enrich, etc.) without learning a separate scripting language as well as hook into web connectors like SalesForce and Google Analytics using a drag-and-drop graphical interface.

MODEL UNIFICATION: Yellowfin 7.4 unites data-science models, corporate data, and the different business units together through one analytics platform, so that new data-science models can be quickly utilized throughout an organization. Yellowfin 7.4 also helps data scientists develop analytical applications faster, using app integrations like R, Python, PMML, PFA, and support.