Google Buy Buttons; An Evolution to Marketplace?

Google will apparently begin introducing "buy buttons" within paid search results in the coming weeks.

Users clicking on the buy button (limited to mobile devices for now it seems) will be directed to a product page on Google where they will be able complete the purchase - or at least initiate it. The Wall Street Journal reported that Google will be paid by retailers through its existing advertising model, rather than charging part of the sales price as Amazon does (which also handles all of the consumer transactions including purchases and returns on behalf of merchants).

Adding buy buttons could ultimately position Google as more retailer-friendly (and competing with Amazon in a big and direct way) and further increase its already impressive advertising revenue numbers. That alone makes this development important in the realms of ecommerce and search marketing. Many Internet retailers however are concerned that should Google be successful with this initiative, their relationships with consumers could be threatened. While any rollout is still a few weeks away and will likely be limited in scope initially, digital pros will have to wait to determine the impact of this particular initiative.

Does the addition of buy buttons better position Google to compete against Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces? Share your comments and thoughts with the Website Magazine community!