Google Tag Manager Released

Google has released Tag Manager, a free tool that replaces the often clunky and extensive number of tags that are placed on a website for the purpose of remarketing, analytics, etc.

By adding a single snippet of code, users can manage every tag (mostly third-party tags) from one web interface, adding and updating independently of editing or rewriting the code (or bothering IT).

Features of Google Tag Manager include asynchronous tag loading (tags load faster without slowing down the user-visible part of the page), tag templates (making it easy to add custom tags), error prevention tools, user permissions and multi-account funtionality. Google is even providing a tag vendor program for technology companies interested in including a template for their own tag.  

There are numerous companies offering tag management solutions - From Tagman to Tealium. With such an enormous Webmaster community and a free product however, it's hard to imagine that any enterprise could compete - but count on the fact that they'll most certainly try.