Green Day Comes Around With PunchTab

Brands like Arby's, eBay and the band Green Day understand the importance of increasing consumer engagement via incentives and loyalty programs.

Like Arby's and eBay, Green Day recently teamed up with PunchTab, an engagement/incentives platform, and MAC Presents to employ a "reward for engagement" approach for a concert in New York City. Fans were rewarded for tweeting, tagging and checking-in and had the chance to win tickets to the concert and Green Day gear including CDs, autographed merchandise and other band swag. 

According to PunchTab, the campaign netted nearly 20,000 entrants, while almost 186,000 actions were taken overall with 76,000 occurring on social networks. This amounted in $1.7 million in earned media value across social channels.

PunchTab recently celebrated some of its own milestones announcing that is now powering nearly 15,000 active loyalty programs that reach more than 22 million consumers every month.

"There's a myth that incentivized engagement programs only attract coupon and sweepstakes hunters, but we're seeing that the right combination of audience, actions, and rewards can engage and retain the right audience," said Ranjith Kumaran, CEO of PunchTab. "The growth of PunchTab's customer base and the increase in the number of active loyalty programs shows that the right consumers are responding to these types of programs, and are staying engaged, particularly as they understand that their participation is valuable to advertisers. Likewise, brands such as Con-Agra's Alexia Foods and WalMart Labs are seeing value in incorporating loyalty initiatives into their broader marketing programs and also realizing that incentive programs are a critical marketing strategy for launches and major initiatives."