What's Happening at the Groceryshop 2019?

Michael Reddy
by Michael Reddy 12 Sep, 2019

Groceryshop debuted last year in Las Vegas, with more than 2,200 industry insiders attending the trade show. In just one year, it has burgeoned to become arguably the most influential annual event for innovation in the CPG and grocery space.

Groceryshop 2019 is slated to take place from Sunday, September 15 through Wednesday, September 18, 2019, at the Venetian in Las Vegas, NV.  Groceryshop 2018 received raving feedback, and the anticipation for this year's event has already reached an all-time high.

This year, the event is expected to draw more than 3,000 attendees, including the who is who of the industry. Attendance includes a vibrant blend of the industry's thought leaders from a spectrum of job titles, including store operations, supply chain management, merchandising, technology, marketing, ecommerce and much more.

These representatives from all over the world will jet off to this four-day conference to share, shop, network, and talk about all-things grocery and CPG innovative business models, technologies and trends. They'll also discuss shared issues, challenges, and opportunities related to consumer shopping trends for just about any products, from food and drinks to pet, household, personal care, beauty and health supplies.

Befitting such a monumental event, there'll be a lot of different events going on at Groceryshop 2019, from table-talks and tech-talks to peer dinners, breakout sessions, keynotes and much more.

From boot camps and workshops, to hearing from industry leaders that are changing the grocery and CPG landscape, here are the Groceryshop 2019 moments that you don't want to miss.

Groceryshop 2019 At a Glance


What: Groceryshop is an annual event held in Las Vegas, Nevada for what is new and what is next when it comes to innovation in CPG and grocery industries. The conference is brought to you by the founders of Shoptalk, the world's leading ecommerce and retail annual event.

When: Groceryshop 2019 will be held from September 15 to 18, 2019

Where: It will take place at the Venetian in Las Vegas

Why You Should Attend Groceryshop 2019

Groceryshop 2019 is hands down one of the most talked-about and anticipated events in the grocery arena. It's a who's who of the grocery and CPG professionals.

Despite the fact that this is only the second annual event, it has shaped up to become the industry's most trafficked conference bringing together workshops, high-profile brand speakers, keynotes, and lots more in between.

This year, over 300 companies, vendors, distributors, and other industry players will exhibit at Groceryshop 2019. There'll be 5,000+ curated on-site meetings, as well.

How to Get the Most Out of Groceryshop 2019


To make the most of your attendance at Groceryshop 2019, you must plan accordingly.

The workshops, tracks, tech talks, breakout sessions, and keynotes are an amazing way to get the thought leadership, mentorship and education you need. However, on-site meetings, table-talks, and one-on-one conversations are a great way to meet the right folks and network appropriately.

The Groceryshop 2019 is curated with insight from the best people in event organization, editorial experts and other specialists in the grocery/CPG industry - so you can rest assured the best topics and issues will be addressed.

Here are Groceryshop 2019's top events (don't forget to check out the full agenda here).

Must-Attend Track Sessions and Events @ Groceryshop 2019

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(1) Tone-Shaping Opening Remarks

If you have been to any Shoptalk conference, you know the opening keynote address is sizzling hot, and not one to be missed. Groceryshop founder and CEO Anil Aggarwal will certainly bring the house down with his nifty remarks, light moments, and tone-setting speech.

If you are looking for some inspiration, wisdom, and general uplifting on day 1, this is an event you don't want to skip. Opening Remarks starts at 4.30 PM and ends at 4.50 PM. Be sure to grab your set and be prepared for the live event.

(2) Digital Transformation

One of the four tracks on the opening day, September 15, The Digital Transformation touches on the fact that CPG and grocery industries are on the verge of a shift in digital technologies. It will include talks on how digital transformation, combined with consumer trends are promising to reshape the space going forward.

Here are the topics that are featured in the full-day track.

(a) Omnichannel Experiences

A handful of grocery retailers and brands have created seamless omnichannel experiences for their customers. As COO, supply chain manager and other players in the industry, you know that managing issues like click & collect calls for high visibility level of inventory.

In this session, you will get to learn high-profile brands and retailers who have created cutting-edge omnichannel experiences. Moderated by Brendan Witcher, VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, the panel will include:

-   Heather Kang, VP, Digital Demand, Global Mars Wrigley Confectionery

-   Rafeh Masood, SVP & Chief Digital Officer, BJ's Wholesale Club

-   Geoffrey McFarlane, Co-Founder & CEO, Winc

(b) Building a Culture of Innovation

This is one of the most star-studded track keynotes at Groceryshop 2019.

Big CPG companies and grocery retailers must continually re-evaluate their organization structures and cultures as they assess their key strategies for future growth. 

In this segment, you will hear thought leaders talk about how they make sure their vibrant organizations stay one step ahead of the rest through constant innovation and proper evolution of company culture.

In this Keynote, Senior Partner at McMillan Doolittle, Neil Stern will be in charge of interviewing Prentis Wilson, Boxed President.

(c) The New Digital Organization


This is the last keynote session on the first day of track 1 and will cover the challenges of cross-departmental relationships and organizational structures. More specifically, the thought leaders will discuss how the two aspects of the industry help drive digital transformation.

You will learn how big grocery retail brands have developed new departments to deal with disruptive business models and emerging technologies. On the flip side, other companies have brought several divisions under one department to get rid of complexities.

In a nutshell, this keynote session will walk you through how two companies have carried out successful digital organization, from the re-evaluation of growth strategies to the recruitment of the right talents.

The principal and founder of Creative Commerce Solutions, John Carroll will be interviewing Julie Bowerman, the Customer Experience & Chief Global Digital Consumer Officer at Kellogg Company.

(3) Future of Grocery

This is a day-long track session covering unsurprisingly what's next in the grocery space, including an executive perspective and a rundown of technologies poised to disrupt the industry.

Don't miss out on the following track keynotes:

(a) Executive Perspectives on the Future of Grocery

It's no secret the grocery industry is on the bang of a seismic change fueled by massive migration to digital channels. In this keynote session, the leaders will discuss how smart grocery brands have adapted to these changes by forging new partnerships, embracing new business models and welcoming new tech.

You'll hear from two key thought leaders: Brian Sappington, Chief Digital Integration Officer, Coca-Cola NA, and Narayan Iyengar, SVP Digital & eCommerce, Albertsons. James McCann, CEO, McCann Investments will be at the steering wheel, letting two tell us about their outlook and strategies for the future of the grocery industry.

(b) Technologies Transforming Grocery Shopping

If you have been wondering which businesses are at the vanguard of the grocery industry's innovation, look no further. 

In this track keynote, leaders from two such businesses -- Retail Reporter, Hilary Miles, and Bastian Lehmann, Co-Founder & CEO, Postmates -- will walk you through the hurdles confronting CPG and grocery sectors as far technology innovation is concerned.

(4) CPG-Retailer Relationships


This is a Tuesday-long track event dedicated to all-things retailer-CPG relationships. It's one of the 4 track events happening concurrently on the third day of Groceryshop 2019.

(a) New Marketing Platforms and Partnerships

CPG-retailer relationships are at the heart of grocery and CPG marketing. There are several different marketing platforms that you have to consider, including online advertising, partnerships, and even voice-activated assistants.

In this track session, you will learn about new strategies and tactics CPG brands are leveraging to win shoppers' hearts and attention. Here you should think beyond social, email and search marketing.

Headed by Erik Huberman, Founder & CEO, Hawke Media, the session will bring together 3 thought leaders:

-   Tim Madigan, VP, eBusiness, Tyson Foods

-   Cara Pratt, VP of Kroger Precision Marketing Commercial & Product Strategy, 84.51¬¨¬®‚Äö√†√ª

-   Carolyn Brown, Head of eCommerce, North America, Anheuser-Busch

(b) Working with Startups to Transform the Business

This second track session is all about how big grocery retailers and brands are collaborating with startups to offer better and more innovative services, tech and products.

Why attend this session? Joe Laszlo, VP Content at Groceryshop will try to pick the brains of three leaders on the subject matter:

-   Gulrez 'Gary' Arora, Global Launchpad Lead & Head of Seeds of Change Accelerator, Mars Incorporated

-   Lauren Jupiter, Managing Partner, AccelFoods

-   Andreas Wuerfel, Director US Strategic Partnerships, METRO Group

(5) The Future of the Industry

The fourth and final day of Groceryshop 2019 will entice you with three exciting track workshops -- The Future of the Industry, Digital Transformation, and Marketing. However, the former will be the highlight of the day.

Here are the top events of the day-long agenda:

(a) The Future of CBD-Based Products

CBD is on everyone's lips right now, and with good reason. 

The declassification of hemp last year marked an inflection point for CBD. It has already been drubbed the next multi-billion dollar market for grocery retailers, brand makers, and CPG sector.

For this morning track workshop, four thought leaders on the subject will talk about the challenges and opportunities CBD offer CPG and grocery industries:

-   Bethany Gomez, Managing Director, Brightfield Group

-   Jeremiah McElwee, SVP Merchandising & Product Development, Thrive Market

-   Anthony Saniger, Founder & CEO, Standard Dose

-   Benjamin Witte, Founder & CEO, Recess

(b) The Future of Food

With the UN predicting that the global population will reach nearly 10 billion by 2050, how food is farmed, retailed and consumed will be drastically different in the future. Concepts like plant-based meats, 3D food printing, and indoor farming may as well be the next big thing.

In this workshop, you will join Mike Lee, the founder & Co-CEO of The Future Market / Alpha Food Labs as he tackles the topic with Carle Stenmark, Partner, VMG Partners, Mike Spindler, CEO, FultonFishMarket.com, and Viraj Puri, Co-Founder & CEO, Gotham Greens

(c) Deep Dive: The Biggest Takeaways from Groceryshop

Naturally, this is a must-attend workshop outlining all the takeaways from Groceryshop 2019. You will also have an opportunity to share what you've learned in the previous 3 days.

Groceryshop's Ken Cassar, Krystina Gustafson, and Joe Laszlo will be there to ensure that you get the scoop of what happened at the four-day event.

Phew, what an event! On top of these key track keynotes, workshops and talks, be sure to check out lunches, exhibitor showcases, speaker sessions, and much more.