Group Buying Platform for Publishers

Group buying site Tippr has launched PoweredByTippr, a white-label group buying platform for publishers interested in providing their own branded group buying offering. 

"What started out as a cool viral buying phenomena has turned into a huge revenue liability for publishers," said Martin Tobias, founder and chief executive officer of Tippr. "Group buying sites are encroaching on the same local marketing dollars that a publisher's sales team is fighting for. Publishers without a group buying strategy risk losing a meaningful monetization mechanism."

With the immense popularity of GroupOn and LivingSocial, expect publishers to flock to the Tippr's new offering - thanks in part to the white-label aspect (the only one we've come across), and supported by other powerful technology features such as a credit/incentive system, social sharing, mobile support and one-click purchasing. 

"Most group buying solutions currently in the market require the publisher to turn over their customers, their brand, and ultimately, the long-term viability of their group buying business to the partner," said Samy Aboel-Nil, president and chief operating officer at Tippr. "PoweredByTippr allows publishers a way to build their brand, increase customer loyalty and drive revenues without having to build and maintain their own technology platform."