Heatmaps, Mouse Tracking and Recordings at SurveyGizmo

Online survey software solution SurveyGizmo and Clicktale, a provider of customer experience analytics solutions, have partnered to deliver an analytics toolset.

The integration, which relies on ClickTale's analytics technology (and specifically its Form Analytics suite) , will include survey heatmaps, mouse tracking and respondent recordings. The partnership should prove fruitful for businesses as they struggle to create more engaging surveys, improve completion rates and capture better data. SurveyGizmo users will have a heap of useful data at their disposal including which questions promoted users to leave a survey and which caused problems for respondents.

"Optimizing the survey experience has always been a major component of both market and customer research. Survey fatigue has become a major concern among researchers, making optimization even more important now. This ClickTale integration gives our customers deep insights into the survey taking process and experience - allowing them to field more specific surveys to fewer customers, and avoid burnout. It's very exciting," says Christian Vanek, SurveyGizmo's CEO.