How Red Stag Changed Fulfillment Forever

by Sponsor 27 Jan, 2017
Companies like yours have always had the need to store and move their product lines. Since the inception of the product fulfillment industry, it has constantly reinvented itself to remain in line with the state-of-the-art standards that the market demands. The days of the old diverters, sorters, and conveyors being cutting-edge technology are over. And while many fulfillment companies still utilize those automated systems, they are not what makes a fulfillment company operate at its full potential. As ecommerce fulfillment has grown, the ways consumers shop has changed. That means the way fulfillment companies operate has changed as well.


Your ecommerce business can sell a highly coveted product, promoted by a world-class marketing team, through a beautifully designed website, with unprecedented customer service. But without a high-quality fulfillment provider, that value cannot be delivered to your customers.

Ecommerce Consumer Trends Drive Innovation

The requirements and operational blueprints for ecommerce fulfillment companies in the 21st century are more advanced than history ever demanded. Because our clients must provide faster, be more efficient, and have near-perfect accuracy, we also have upgraded the way we do business. The ways that worked efficiently in the past are now obsolete. Not only are new technologies required to embrace this transition, but a different mindset is also imperative. Integration with a long list of ecommerce platforms and ERP systems are needed to be successful. 

Changes in ecommerce consumer trends, primarily driven by the Amazon Prime program, and currently being pushed by advancements in drone delivery services we are completely changing how fulfillment services are viewed. More granular new technologies like Red Stag Fulfillment's proprietary cloud-based system (RSF OPS) gives clientele real-time updates during every stage of the product fulfillment process.

A Business Built Out of Necessity

So how did Red Stag get started down this path? Two entrepreneurs who were successfully operating an ecommerce business lacked sufficient fulfillment services. The product fulfillment companies they used were not up to the standard with which they managed their own business. Over time, as their companies grew from humble beginnings in a garage to shipping thousands of orders each day through third-party fulfillment providers, their standard of quality remained the same. As the number of outgoing orders increased, many of the companies they used could not keep up with their ideals. After several failed attempts at finding a good fulfillment provider-and realizing the rest of the industry was no better than what they had already experienced-the two entrepreneurs embarked on the path to establishing Red Stag Fulfillment.  

From those beginnings, we evolved into the type of company we are for several reasons. The realization of consumer problems was a crucial element to this process. Our founders understand the pains felt by customers industry firsthand, which in turn is a large part of why we make the guarantees that we do. Glaring issues are so prevalent within the product fulfillment services industry that Red Stag believes that if we do not meet expectations we have set for themselves or fix any complications, then our services should come free of charge. 

Our belief in outstanding service is why we offer three major guarantees to our clientele: excellence in reliability, security, and speed. Not every fulfillment company meets these standards. In fact, there is a miss-pack rate of 4% among average fulfillment companies. That is one out of every 25 orders going out wrong. Our standard for reliability is 100%; the customer should always receive what they ordered. We miss-pack only one out of every 5,000 orders. That means we deliver packages correctly 99.98% of the time. 

Dedication to Accuracy

But there is so much more to fulfillment than just packing. Red Stag is an ecommerce fulfillment company dedicated to order processing and inventory accuracy. The processing aspects are an integral part of the fulfillment process, so our company mandate for processing accuracy is, again, a 100% satisfaction guarantee; and we hold ourselves to that standard if you want it the next business day, a 3pm cutoff, or a 5pm cutoff. Red Stag has the ability to reach 80% of Americans within three days and 71% of Americans within one or two days. Additionally, having the product to fulfill order demands is a crucial component to the process. An industry average for inventory accuracy is only 98%. Imagine missing 2% of $1 million worth of orders; that's a lot of revenue to misplace. 

We manage all of these components through the technology we has developed to streamline our system. With the ability to adapt to the process instead of designing processes to accommodate the technology, the Red Stag platform is truly unique. It has decreased errors and lowered costs across the board through error-proof systems, high-end video monitoring systems, order tracking at every stage of the process, and unique barcodes for locations, products, and orders. Red Stag's ever-adapting and never-ending push towards perfection correlates to you spending less time concerned with inventory and order accuracy, and more time focusing on other aspects of your business.   

Our fulfillment services include values rarely seen in an ecommerce fulfillment company. Red Stag prides itself on:

- Same-day Order Fulfillment

- Discounted Shipping Rates

- Business Partnership

- 100% Accurate Fulfillment

- Complete Transparency

- Committed Client Support

- Special Fulfillment Needs Additionally, there are no long-term contracts, no setup fees, no hidden fees, no SKU management fees, and no account management fees. Red Stag believes actions speak louder than words, so that's why we offer a 30-day risk-free trial to showcase the way fulfillment services should be experienced. To sign up, follow three easy steps. Send us your product, send us your orders, and give us 30 days to show you what you have been missing out on. 

The standards set by Red Stag are changing the expectations people set for their fulfillment services company. It is revolutionizing efficiency across the industry. These are just a few of the reasons that Red Stag has developed into a trend-setting, industry-leading ecommerce fulfillment company that is dedicated to our standards and ideals.