How to Choose Logo Colors

99designs knows a thing or two about designing logos. It's not only the most-requested design project on its marketplace, but the company also recently released research on color use in logos and re-designed its own - calling upon its crowdsourced community to get the job done as part of its overall re-branding.


The company ultimately chose an understated logo, which would allow designers and their work to be highlighted more than 99designs' branding (the color can change, however, based on where it is presented and the brand palette).






"We're really excited about the rebrand, because we think it better reflects where are going with the company," said 99designs CMO Pamela Webber in an interview with Website Magazine.


Starting as a crowdsourced design platform eight years ago, where designers competed for projects, 99designs is evolving to "serve much broader needs and segments." For instance, multimillion dollar companies use 99designs for certain projects, while there are some customers who get all of their apps designed through the marketplace. What's more, 99designs is working on features and services that allow larger customers to work in teams (rather than an individual working on a project). 99designs is also expanding internationally beyond its core countries of the U.S., Canada and Australia. 


All of that growth trajectory had to fit in a logo, which actually many entrepreneurs can relate to. The logo, according to Webber, is the first step for many when starting a new company, because it's the first visual manifestation of the business and the founder's vision. 


"It is those letters, those symbols, those colors, that style that is intended to encompass everything you are hoping to build," said Webber.


While all the typography choices in a logo are important, color often plays the biggest role because it provides an immediate reaction to a brand. Knowing this, 99designs sourced experts in color psychology, examined more than 10,000 logos and mashed all the data together to come up with insights on how to choose logo colors. It came up with a three-step process (and some color advice - seen in the infographic below):


1. Determine brand personality; the color chosen needs to reflect what customers' expectations are and needs to reflect what the entrepreneur is envisioning. 
2. Understand how color psychology influences customers.  
3. Look at the competition to see what color palette are out there and then determine whether to stay on-trend or deviate.  


Below is an infographic from 99designs (exclusive to Website Magazine) that is a fun and inspiring way to choose colors for your own logo (click to zoom in):