How to Score Cool Points with Millennials

Youth may be wasted on the young, but a brand's marketing dollars aren't. 

A new study from SDL shows just how powerful millennials - those born from 1978-1996 - are when it comes to online buying power and, just as equally, their digital demands. In fact, SDL's research indicates this consumer group makes their own brand experiences, across multiple channels and devices. 

Since two out of three millennials reach for two different devices daily, and, on average, use their smartphones 45 times per day, brands must provide this group with a consistent experience across all devices (tablets, smartphones, desktops) and channels (social, email, news feeds, search, etc.). Companies looking to earn millennials trust will also need to be thoughtful, as 60 percent of these consumers like it when they receive a touchpoint that's not related to selling a product (e.g., holiday or birthday card). And, one more stat for the road, in this study, SDL found the top three channels where millennials discover online information are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with customizable news feed sites surpassing traditional news sites and email for content discovery. This can mean that millennials want content that finds them. 

"There is an important transformation taking place in the minds of the current and next wave of consumers regarding how they choose to interact with brands," said Paige O'Neill, CMO of SDL. "The traditional marketing funnel is now irrelevant, making traditional campaigns extinct. Brands must break through millennials' personal junk filter with relevant, valuable and non-promotional interactions, for a longer-term view of building brand advocacy. It won't happen immediately, but brands who shift their focus from a campaign approach to one focused on the customer experience will see the most success."

For more information, reference the infographic below (hint: click on the image to zoom in) or visit SDL