How to Vote & Share Your Insights

One of Website Magazine's core missions is to foster a community around the design, development, promotion and analysis of websites. That's no easy task, of course, and it grows more complicated by the day thanks to an ever-expanding digital universe.

Despite the many obvious challenges, Website Magazine wants to be an active force in this virtual landscape and is focused on delivering information and products that are useful to those in pursuit of Web success. For this reason, we've recently retooled our digital property into a user community which will enable anyone to vote on the content they find useful and share their own insights and guidance for the benefit of the community and the opportunity to appear in the Website Magazine print edition or one of our upcoming special editions.

The new Website Magazine User Community (powered by HelloBox) is still in beta so send us your feedback and suggestions on how we can make it better. 

Visit now to vote and share content essential to 'Net success.