HR Tool Ranks Job Candidates

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 04 May, 2012

There is a new tool on the Web that will help hiring managers find the perfect candidate for open positions - and it doesn't come from LinkedIn.

The tool is called Recmnd.Me, which is a platform that helps improve social recruiting and professional networking by allowing coworkers to recommend and rate each other. The site just finished private beta, and is now launching to the public.

Recmnd.Me uses job titles, keywords, companies and locations as ranking metrics, so employers and recruiters can target the best candidates for open positions - such as the most qualified software engineer in San Francisco or the top salesperson at a particular company. Rankings and profiles can also be shared through email, Twitter, Facebook, or as embeddable widgets.

The goal of this platform is to help with one of the biggest struggles that many HR professionals face, which is finding the best talent. Even though today's economy leads to a steady stream of resumes filing in for job openings, most candidates are unqualified or lack particular skills. However, isn't only valuable for recruiters, because it also shows employees where they rank amongst their peers in their chosen profession.

"We want job seekers to take an active role in managing their careers," says Jesse Gant, CEO and Co-Founder of Recmnd, Inc. "You need to know how you rank against your competition and what keywords and specialties best define you and, more importantly, set you apart. It's fun to look at data points across companies and geographic locations to find the best and highest ranked professionals in a particular industry."

Recmnd.Me recommendations can only be submitted by referrers who know the person that they are recommending's email address. This increases the accuracy of refferals because there is a higher probability of having experience with the recommended person. Additionally, individual scores are not shared among users, in order to encourage honest and thoughtful recommendations.