Humanizing the Mobile Web Form

Forms are the worst - particuarly on mobile devices. They are rarely intuitive and often feel cold and impersonal to end-users. The result, of course, is that conversions suffer. 

Fortunately, there's at least one solution provider looking to humanize the form completion process and the impact could prove quite significant for any brand collecting information.

Online form builder Jotform recently released  JotForm Cards,  a solution that essentially offers an entirely new graphical user interface designed to provide end-users with "familiar" experiences on mobile devices and in ecommerce settings.

The mobile-first design, according to the company "optimizes screen real estate, simplifies design elements and layouts, and incorporates natural swiping gestures and transitions," but you really have to see it in action to get a true grasp of how innovative the solution is and how important the approach could be for businesses/websites (see the video below to see Jotform Cards in action).

The company has essentially created an experience that mimics face-to-face interactions. The new card format keeps users focused, prompting only a single action on each page or slide, breaking down often complex processes into clear, simple steps for users.

That alone is going to be attractive to anyone that uses forms for data collection, but the solution also offers some other interesting "human-like" features including micro-animations and suggestions that are sure to increase conversions.

JotForm Cards provide immediate feedback to respondents, offering suggestions to prevent mistakes or performing functional animations, such as shaking, when a response is incomplete the same way a human would shake their head "no."

"We are constantly collecting customer feedback and conduct weekly testing to evaluate user behavior. We designed JotForm Cards based on these findings and are confident these new, humanized features will deliver strategic value to our customers," said Aytekin Tank, founder and CEO of JotForm. "Completing any task is satisfying and we've enabled that satisfaction with every single card."