IE Users Aren't So Dumb After All

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 03 Aug, 2011

The "study" that claimed Internet Explorer users are not as intelligent as other browser users seems to have been a hoax.

The company that supposedly performed the study, AptiQuant most likely isn't even real. 

This conclusion came after the discovery that AptiQuant's website hasn't even been around for a month and is very similar to Central Test, a French psychometric testing company. The staff pictures on both sites are even the same, just with different names.

Central Test has released a statement saying they are aware of AptiQuant's fraudulent activity and reserve the right to take legal action.

The hoax managed to fool many news organizations- including us, the BBC and CNN.

While the unknowns behind the scam are still at large, at least Internet Explorer users can hold their heads high again.