Self-Optimized Website Acceleration

Cloud-based website performance and security service Incapsula announced some new capabilities for their application-aware CDN and website security service that gives its customers the ability to self-optimize caching and performance settings.

Users will be able to optimize their caching policy by specifying, on a per resource level, how a site's content is cached and refreshed, control their cache refresh by executing Async content validation for improved performance on low traffic websites, and reduce the footprint of binary files, images and textual content such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript resources with "on the fly" compression of dynamic resources. Incapsula users can also leverage TCP pre-pooling to optimizes just-in-time provisioning of networking resources. 

"Website performance and security go hand in hand," said Marc Gaffan, co-founder and VP of Marketing and Business Development at Incapsula. "Understanding your web application is just as important for security as it is for acceleration. Through Incapsula's Global CDN, customers can now up-level their service by creating granular caching and optimization policies to augment Incapsula's dynamic application profiling. Much like security engineers are able to fine tune their security controls and thwart cyber attacks, Incapsula is empowering performance engineers with the controls to squeeze the best performance out of web applications and sites."