jQuery for File Uploads

If providing file upload functionality on your website would be a welcome addition to the user experience, look no further than the following jQuery plugins. With a little development time, your audience, customers and site users can be sending and sharing content (images, or any file) from within a website or application in no time.

: Providing both a Flash version and an HTML5 version, Uploadify is one of the most popular ways to upload files and features multiple file uploads, drag and drop functionality, real-time progress indicators, custom upload restrictions and a good level of customization.

Zurb Ajax Upload
: Not the traditional file upload approach, Zurb avoids the upload button in favor of a "save button," fires the AJAX upload event as soon as a file is selected. Images are processed server side and thumbnails are loaded onto the existing page.

FyneWorks jQuery Multiple File Upload: This no-frills jQuery plugin enables a website users to select multiple files for upload, but only one at a time. The plugin does provide some basic validation functionality to help developers identify errors.

Dropzone.js: An open-source library that provides a very lightweight and elegant drag-and-drop file upload, complete with image previews.

These are certainly not the only scripts and plugins to incorporate file upload functionality on a website. There are many others so let other Website Magazine readers know what you're using to bring this feature to your website.