Know More to Sell More

John Payne
by John Payne 16 Jan, 2023

Ecommerce brands that want to differentiate from the competition can often do so by optimizing their approach to managing customers and there are plenty of solutions offering support in this regard.

ShippingEasy, for example, recently released its new Customer Management solution that will allow online sellers to both design campaigns and foster relationships which lead to repeat purchases.

The solution offers ecommerce sellers the ability to create and track email campaigns (including offering pre-loaded and customizable templates), view campaign reporting, consolidate customers across a brand's selling channels (with leading online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify and many others), view customer purchase history, segment customers by purchase habits and even tag customers based on commonalities (among other features).

"ShippingEasy's Customer Management solution enables online sellers to know more to sell more by managing and understanding every customer interaction," said Katie May, ShippingEasy's CEO.

"With built-in CRM and marketing tools, our Customer Management solution provides ecommerce sellers of any size valuable information on customer purchase history and buying preferences in order to drive increased sales."

The company is making its new solution available for free through the end of this month - June 2017. ShippingEasy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of