LinkedIn Gets In on Lead Gen

Professional social network LinkedIn is expanding its Marketing Solutions platform to help businesses drive more quality leads.

LinkedIn's new Lead Accelerator product is a lead generation and nurturing product that aims to connect companies to the right audience with the right content as they move through the purchase funnel. The Lead Accelerator offering is a result of the integration of Bizo (and its multi-channel nurturing product) back in Aug. 2014.

Companies including eCornell, Lenovo, Localytics, Salesforce, Samsung and VMware are a few of the pilot customers already leveraging LinkedIn Lead Accelerator and the results, according to LinkedIn seem to be pretty good - eCornell doubled its landing page conversion rate, while Localytics's marketing-qualified-lead conversion rate increased by 50%, and Lenovo's cost per lead decreased by 60%.

"Our newly expanded portfolio ties new and existing products together to deliver an integrated set of full-funnel marketing solutions, said Russel Glass, Head of Products at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. "Prior to today, products like Sponsored Updates or LinkedIn Display Advertising were used to achieve individual marketing objectives. Now, with the full-funnel approach, marketers can use all of our marketing solutions products together as a portfolio to create a customized experience that enhances the marketer-prospect relationship and delivers results.