Live Chat & Recurring Billing Merge at ClickDesk, Chargify

Live chat and online visitor engagement software ClickDesk announced an integration with Chargify, a popular billing and recurring subscription management software.

The integration with Chargify gives ClickDesk support agents direct access to billing information from the live chat window, eliminating the need to manually look up information from multiple systems when handling support chats and calls, and streamlining their ability to identify paid customers using their Chargify subscription details.

"ClickDesk is currently powering over 100,000 customers across 120+ countries. Our mission is to help businesses deliver exceptional customer service and change the way they interact with customers. Our Chargify integration is a step in this direction. We will continue to bring the best possible integrations to make ClickDesk the one stop solution to engage online visitors," says Manohar Chapalamadugu, CEO of ClickDesk.