Live & Contextual Support In Focus

Tech support and support center service provider has released its new SeeSupport solution, a remote visual support tool to help agents get "eyes on the problem" for improved support. 

With SeeSupport, support agents of any technical expertise levels will be able to access and use the camera on a customer's smartphone or tablet to receive a live, contextual view of the customer's problem.

Via guided on-screen annotations, remote flashlight control and more, SeeSupport will provide agents an opportunity to inspect a product in its physical environment (as well as its setup, environmental issues, warning lights, or error codes to diagnose problems), walk a customer through simple to complex tasks such as an installation, configuration, recovery procedure, or repair, and even verify malfunctions or damage before authorizing claims or processing refunds. 

"Retailers, manufacturers, communication services providers, and even warranty providers face some unique customer support challenges," said VP of Product & Engineering Chris Koverman. 

"To be able to retain customers by meeting their demands for high-touch support, the focus needs to be on reducing customer effort while also reducing product returns, support delivery costs, and even on-site field service visits. In our initial experience of deploying this new technology with support organizations, some customers have noticed a 29% decrease in field visits or 'truck rolls' when using SeeSupport in their support sessions. And this is just one way in which remote visual support technology is revolutionizing the customer support experience."