Making Gamification a Reality

The gamification trend, which brings game mechanics into the real world, took another big step forward recently as Bunchball unveiled two new product lines (Spark and Fuse) that will bring plug-and-play gamification and integration into over eighty enterprise applications.

Sparks are essentially gamification apps which provide everything that is needed to set up a gamificaiton program, with deployment targets including enterprise applications, websites, and mobile devices. The "Sparks" include opportunities for motiviating users to create and share content, loyalty programs, rewards for channel partners, support in dirinv purchases, motivating collaboration and discussion and more.

Bunchball's other new product Fuse acts as the connector, enabling Bunchball customers to connect their gamification programs to more than 80 enterprise applications, including ADP, Box, NetSuite, Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP, Sharepoint, SugarCRM, Taleo, Workday, and more.

"After years of building gamification products and numerous customer deployments, we know it has immense value and can prove ROI across multiple industries. Our Spark Solutions take everything we've learned about gamification and package it into effective, turnkey applications for site owners who need to address a business issue with a quick and easy solution that shows immediate value."