Mariano's Jumps in the Digital Grocery Getter

Thomas Levin
by Thomas Levin 16 Jan, 2023

Web workers often think of ecommerce as the only form of "retail" but traditionally offline brands take advantage of the power of technology too.

MyWebGrocer (MWG), a provider of ecommerce and digital marketing solutions to the retail grocery and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industries, has announced that Mariano's, part of Roundy's Supermarkets, has selected MWG's platform to power its core ecommerce capabilities and deepen engagement with an increasingly digital grocery consumer.

MWG will be Mariano's single provider of all capabilities required to power a comprehensive, omnichannel strategy - from the company's digital storefront to in-store picking and packing capabilities. MWG will also provide Mariano's with advertising and marketing services that will enable the company to connect CPG brand partners directly with grocery consumers via targeted advertising content.

"Grocery retailers like Mariano's understand the powerful opportunities for customer experience innovation that an effective, omnichannel strategy can provide. Mariano's not only appreciates the complexity of this undertaking but realizes how important it is to work with a partner that has the solution breadth and experience required to not only enable this platform but also ensure that every digital interaction with consumers maps to underlying business imperatives," said Eric Healy, President at MWG. "We look forward to working with Mariano's in realizing their omnichannel strategy and in satisfying the evolving needs of their customers."