Marketing Compliance in the Education Lead Space

When it comes to lead generation in the education (college and university) space, few things matter more than the quality of leads. With commissions and referrals very substantial in the place, it is often a well-known haven for, well, less ethical marketers.

PerformLine, a provider of marketing compliance monitoring technologies, announced the launch of its PerformMatch Private Link Service (PLS) today which aims to tackle the complicated issue of marketing compliance and referring URL privacy in the education lead industry.

The system provides education marketers and lead buyers with automated referring URL compliance transparency. That is a complicated way of saying that the service evaluates each referring URL from affiliates and sub-affiliates against a PerformMatch rules set which identities misrepresentations as outlined by the Department of Education.

PerformMatch PLS also protects lead sellers (affiliates) and their proprietary and confidential marketing information, including the identities of sub-affiliates and the key word lists used in paid search that are used to drive traffic.

So how does it work? According to the announcement, "Evaluated referring URLs are assigned compliance scores with a corresponding violation summary and then reported back to the education institution or their partners in a unique and anonymous fashion. Compliance managers can then notify non-compliant affiliates of the necessary corrections that need to be made to their landing pages and/or creative."

"PerformMatch PLS solves the friction in the marketplace caused by both maintaining the confidentiality of proprietary assets of the lead sellers as well as ensuring compliance for the lead buyers," said Alex Baydin, founder and CEO of PerformLine. "We listened and solved the problem by creating the only independent verification solution that enables lead sellers to provide the compliance monitoring data that schools are demanding while still keeping their vast array of affiliate referring URLs concealed though the PerformMatch PLS service. It's a win-win for all."