Marketo Aims for the Enterprise

Marketing automation provider Marketo's spring release is focusing on security and scalability. The company initially focused on small and mid-size companies with an "ease-of-use" marketing message but seems to be focusing on larger, more global enterprises with this most recent release.

The new enterprise architecture offers advanced user roles and access permissions, workspace and lead partitions, identity management, integration capabilities and according to the official announcement, a 12x improvement in performance. The new service also provides customers with "one-click" access to create a fully replicated, highly scalable on-demand replica of their Marketo environment for customization, integration, testing, development and training purposes.

"With the release of our new Enterprise Architecture, we are now in an even better position to offer our enterprise clients the ease of use and flexibility they expect with Marketo, but with even more advanced security, scalability and integration capabilities," noted Phil Fernandez, President and CEO of Marketo. "Marketo Lead Management Enterprise Edition is the ideal solution for global organizations that require the utmost in scalability and security, without sacrificing usability and time to value."