Measure Like You Target

Where are all your display ads being shown... and are they being show to the right audience?

A new solution from online media verification service DoubleVerify and Kantar Media Compete aims to provide an answer to advertisers' lingering questions about exactly who is being reached with their media campaigns.

The Ad VRF solution combines DoubleVerify's verification technology and viewability metrics with Kantar's digital consumer panel to measure campaign reach into specific behavioral segments. The solutions aims to help marketers better plan their media investment and measure effectiveness of with a consistent measurement framework. The solution enables advertisers to quantified metrics including reach, frequency, viewable impressions, GRP and viewable GRP (Gross Rating Points), TRP and viewable TRP (Target Rating Points), behavioral and demographic segments, and measure ad visibility above/below the fold.

"The last few years have seen an explosive growth in audience segmentation enabling advertisers to maximize Return on Advertising Spend by hyper focusing their targeting," says Oren Netzer, CEO of DoubleVerify.

"Ad VRF enables marketers for the first time to measure audience exactly the same way they target consumers by bringing together the strengths of the largest US behavioral panel from Compete with granular impression level viewability measurement from DoubleVerify. The combined solution provides the most accurate, third party measurement of viewable Gross Rating Points (GRP) available today allowing marketers to close the loop and continue to iterate to drive campaign performance.