Meet Violet, The AI-Based Virtual Cybersecurity Pro

Security teams are increasingly overwhelmed and often lack the resources to test and confirm if the cybersecurity tools they have invested in are actually working properly.

Thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, however, that could change soon - and in a rather user-friendly manner.

Cloud-based attack simulation software Threatcare, for example, just released an AI-based virtual cybersecurity solution that is worth a look.

Similar to a Siri or Alexa, but for the purpose of cybersecurity exclusively, the new Violet offering (named as such because it sits between traditional Red and Blue Team activities forming a new "purple team" according to the company) can be accessed through voice, text messages, and even Slack to give security teams assistance in finding network security gaps. Violet, for example, can perform attack simulations, penetration testing, continuous network reconnaissance and security assessments.

"Violet is truly a ground-breaking technology that solves one of the biggest challenges in cybersecurity today: the lack of properly-skilled and trained staff and the dire shortage of security professionals," said Marcus Carey, Founder and CEO of Threatcare.

"Violet supports and augments current security staff by actually becoming an extra member of the team. This technology also enhances IT staff whose roles are expanding into security. Looking ahead, Violet will be particularly beneficial to SMBs who have lighter security staff and less budget to spend on enterprise-class security tools."