Mindshare Driving Location-Level Performance

A new offering from Mindshare Technologies hopes to solve a very real problem for enterprises large and small - getting feedback from offline customers into the hands of those that can do something about it.

Mindshare's new Comment Poster, available in its reporting suite and integrated with its VoC Text Analytics solution, presents insights from customer reviews, highlight key issues at individual locations, enabling enterprises to focus their actions for improvement and recognize employees that deliver a high-level of customer service. The solution leverages text analytics to examine the length, sentiment and actionable concepts behind customer reviews and then organizes the comments by ther positive or negative tone, individual staff member mentions and key tags (e.g. "friendly service," "food taste/quality," etc.).

"Customer comments are virtual goldmines for ongoing tips on how to improve the experience at brand locations, and Comment Poster brings these valuable insights to the forefront," said Kurt Williams, chief product officer at Mindshare Technologies. "The key element of Comment Poster is our advanced text analytics engine, which sources the customer comments, prioritizes them and presents a summary in a digestible way. We anticipate that Comment Poster will fast become a favorite tool for location managers in quickly assessing the pulse of customer sentiment and using their feedback to focus efforts on the most important areas."