Modular DRM for Cross-Platform, Secure Playback

Video technology platform Kaltura, which is used by such notable brands as HBO and Zappos, announced a Universal DRM (digital rights management) solution through an integration with Castlabs.

The DRM solution will enable media companies, content owners and OTT providers to stream their premium, multimedia content (e.g. video) without having to worry about cross-platform or device compatability. The solution includes support for DASH and the Common Encryption standard

As the industry moves away from content protection systems such as Widevine Classic and Silverlight plugins, Kaltura's modular DRM solution will allow video service provider to make the transition without disruption.

"When delivering premium content, it's critical that the end user continues to receive a consistent, high quality experience, no matter which device they use," said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Chairman and CEO.

"Kaltura continues to be an early adopter of new and open standards, ensuring that our customers and their users enjoy the optimal experience with video. Here too, with our new DRM solution, we have taken extra steps to provide the most adaptive solution available, making it easy on our customers to comply with the new DRM requirements."