Monitor App Performance with New Relic for Mobile

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 20 Mar, 2013

If you don't want to wait for user reviews to find out how your app is performing, consider leveraging the new mobile app monitoring solution from New Relic.

The application performance management and monitoring company launched New Relic for Mobile Apps to allow developers to see what their mobile users are experiencing in real-time. The mobile solution can be used to monitor the performance of native apps on iOS and Android devices, and the insights can be used to help developers optimize their apps for better customer satisfaction.

The New Relic for Mobile Apps offering provides developers with visibility from the individual mobile device to backend Web services, insights and data from real app users, the ability to monitor HTTP app errors and performance problems and constant monitoring of external services that apps depend upon for success. It also offers performance data by geography, carrier, device type and app versions to prioritize, isolate and solve the most urgent problems.

"There are few transitions that are more game changing than the dynamic that is happening today with mobile devices and services," said Lew Cirne, founder and CEO of New Relic. "It's no secret that mobility is changing lifestyles and the way people do business. The expectation is high that these services and transactions will be responsive and fast. New Relic will provide the insight for mobile applications in the same simple approach that has been behind our success all along." 

The mobile monitoring solution is offered as both a free service and a monthly subscription. Moreover, New Relic for Mobile Apps is integrated with the company's Web app service, and shares the same single-screen view. To start leveraging this service, existing customers can sign up through the New Relic SaaS app and new customers can sign up for a new account. Additionally, customers who deploy their mobile apps through a New Relic partner cloud provider will find it available in their app marketplace.