Multichannel Experience Blooming Before Our Digital Eyes

It should come as no surprise that smartphones are a big part of the modern consumers' path to purchases and influential in Web and in-store purchases.

To grow, today's merchants must create unique brand experiences for the fast-growing segment of multichannel shoppers.

BloomReach, with its recently launched BloomReach Mobile solution, looks to transform the mobile experience for searchers by incorporating machine learning, cross-channel behavior and Web-wide intelligence to deliver search and discovery determined by data analysis across a retailer's site and the Web. Here's are some of the ways BloomReach Mobile creates an multichannel experience:

Cross-channel optimization delivers relevant search results and dynamic landing pages on mobile with category and product recommendations based on cross-channel behavior. This is done by analyzing on-site Web and mobile activity and creating anonymous profiles when behaviors are likely the same person using multiple devices without customer authentication.

Auto Suggest and Predictive Search suggests contextual phrases by matching Web-wide language with the site's content within 2-3 characters, then rapidly showing relevant products based on consumer intent.

More Like This guides shoppers intuitively from their initial search to discovering deeper content that better fits their intent.

The Trending feature provides social discovery informed by the social- networking referral traffic from both mobile and websites. Trending social discovery is continuously updated and can increase both time-on-site and visit frequency.