Multitasking Efficiency with Wrike Requests

Experts seem to agree that when you multitask, the quality of the work you're doing goes down (in some cases, way down). Fortunately, some interesting technology solutions are providing some respite.

Work management and collaboration platform Wrike announced the launch of its new "Requests" feature that addresses the challenges workers face when being asked to start, contribute to, or finish multiple projects at once.

The solution essentially enables Write users to capture and structure work request in one place, and helps workers gather information they need to plan, resource, and execute on work which ultimately cits down on the meetings and back-and-forth communication so common among high-performing multitaskers.

"Work typically comes in through multiple channels, whether it's in email, instant messages, or hallway conversations, so there is no consolidated place to see all the new work that gets piled on you every day," said Andrew Filev, founder and CEO of Wrike. "As the number of messaging channels and digital tools proliferate in the workplace, workers are finding it more challenging to manage and process their incoming requests."